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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.
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Raw Apple Cider, Make Your Own Hard Apple Cider

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About Us - The Taylor Family

From Grass fed beef, to beyond organic vegetables, to apple cider - our story!

 About Devon Point Farm… Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grass fed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares 

Devon Point Farm in Connecticut specializes in Grassfed Beef, Vegetable & Flower CSA Farm Shares, and Farm Camp and now APPLE CIDER and pick-your-own pumpkins in the Fall! The farm specializes in sustainable food production through holistic management techniques and serves as a training and proving grounds for new farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and future policy makers with it's apprentice program. 

Erick and Patty Taylor are the owners of one of America’s most quintessential farms, Devon Point Farm. The Taylors bring a unique combination of skills to farming that have resulted in the construction of 3 different farms, as the demand for their farm products grew. Starting with a small farm in Rhode Island first, then growing to a larger farm in Vermont, and then returning "home' to Connecticut to their current and best farm yet. 

The Taylors are the vanguard of a new breed of Pioneers. They are highly educated folks, with great business minds, visionaries yes, risk takers, achievers, innovators, educators and great examples of America’s best.

They come to farming not by inheritance, nor trust fund, but through constant struggle fueled by a desire to lead a more natural lifestyle working for a greater purpose with a goal to raise and educate their children within nature’s living classroom. These folks have achieved something which is almost unimaginable in todays society, they’ve built a thriving enterprise from the dirt up in just a few short years and have a following that spans the globe.

The Taylor’s are what America so badly needs, creators, doers, independent thinkers, educators who run a business that is a true benefit to all. The business they run keeps hundreds of families fed, it keeps the air and watershed clean through sustainable farming methods, it serves as a living classroom for students. Their property is a mecca for wildlife and serves as an incubator for fledgling entrepreneurs who want to test their mettle in one of the hardest jobs in America.

While America is home to many farms, the Taylor’s model is one that is built on solid business fundamentals catering to a highly educated, demanding consumer.  The farm is highly diversified in its offerings from vegetables to beef, chicken and pork, to farm camp, to events. The way the farm is sited on the land, with its sweeping driveway and rolling pastoral fields that are overflowing with life, lends itself to the minds eye of the perfect image of a farm you want your food to come from… a place you want to visit. All of this is no accident. 

Patty describes her husband Erick as the ‘farmer-philosopher,’ someone who relishes helping others. He’s the visionary, the farm designer and heavy machinery operator. His talents include a special ability to see a property in the rough and see what has to be done to turn it into something that makes one utter “Wow!” He thinks of himself as a Land Shaper bent on creating beauty and functionality for the purpose of Sustainable Agriculture."

Erick describes Patty as the keystone that manages to hold all of the farm’s ventures together. Besides being a full-time mother of two, she’s the face of the business. Patty is a dynamic woman who is Erick’s best friend, wife and business partner. She is willing to work 7 days a week, finish the day with a smile and answer the continuous onslaught of customer inquires. She manages the entire front-end of the farms many businesses. She’s a woman who leads by example. She’s capable beyond what words can describe, she’s as comfortable doing quickbooks as she is running heavy equipment. Patty prides herself in being a traditional wife and homemaker while making no excuses for her femininity, she can and will do any work a man can do. 

The Taylors say it takes this sort of team to do what they do, it’s through this devotion and dependence on one another that the strongest relationships are forged. The Taylors say they are in the healthy lifestyle business, they treat the food they raise with a level of care and consideration that results in an eating experience that makes you feel great about what you are putting in your body. Devon Point Farm is everything a farm should be, a place where nature and man work in harmony with each other. From radishes to ribeyes, everything about this farm is crisp, clean and wholesome for the mind, body and spirit. Come get a dose of healthy country life style and see what Devon Point Farm can do for you.




About Devon Point Farm, BEFORE and AFTER
the arrival of the Taylor Family…

The 93 acres of land that is now Devon Point Farm, was formerly known as Joy Orchards, a successful apple orchard owned and operated by Bob Joy and his family for over 40 years. When Bob passed away in 1989 the property was left to his niece, a non-farmer, who subsequently ceased farming operations on the property and sold the development rights to the CT Department of Agriculture in 1992. Without a farmer, the land lay fallow and neglected for over 18 years, reverting back to a transitional forest… brush, saplings, vines and invasive species took over the fields, the apple trees were smothered and dead, and all that remained besides the overgrowth, was the trash dumped by people who partied at the end of a dirt driveway unseen from the nearest road. Bob had left behind the relics of his farming days as well… three tractor-trailer loads of rusted, rotting farm equipment and vehicles, and three 30-yard dumpsters of trash left behind in partially collapsing barn. The prime agricultural soils that were the primary reason for the preservation of the land were lost to the overgrowth.  

In 2007, Erick & Patty Taylor, bought the land from Bob Joy’s niece. A couple in their mid-30’s who had grown their herd of Devon Cattle as part-time farmers while working full-time, off-farm professional jobs, who had dream of making their living solely off a farm. The Taylor’s used every penny they had ever made from their career jobs, the sweat-equity profits from the sales of two prior small farms with houses and barns they had built and lived in (first in RI, then in VT) only to sell in hopes of buying a bigger piece of land each time. They took out a mortgage, cashed in their 401K’s, and sold personal possessions. They enlisted friends to camp in tents to help pound in fence posts and string barbed wire, so they could unload a tractor-trailer full of their Devon Cattle into the newly fenced overgrowth while they took the time needed to turn it back into fields. They set to work with chainsaws, a small tractor and a used bulldozer to clear the overgrowth to find the good soil beneath. They wore through pair after pair of work gloves to load trash into dumpsters. Erick dragged a plow and harrow to break and smooth the soils while Patty wore her feet to blisters hand-seeding almost 50 acres of fields back into pastures with a baby in a backpack. By their own financial resources, sweat, ingenuity and sheer determination, they took a wasteland, wreck of a property and turned it back into a farm.  

One could say that the Department of Agriculture saved the land, but one could also say that while it prevented the farmland from being developed into house lots, the farm ceased to exist thereafter. It is only through the tireless efforts of the Taylor’s that this 93-acre property is truly a bountiful working farm again.


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