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• All-Natural Chicken
•'Beyond Organic' Vegetables

• Raw Milk, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup

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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.
Hot, Fresh Apple Cider Donuts made daily! Raw Apple Cider, Apples and more!
Raw Apple Cider, Make Your Own Hard Apple Cider

Cinderella Pumpkins, Pie Pumpkins, Specialty Gourds

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How Our CSA Works

Beyond Organic Vegetable CSA Farm Shares in Connecticut, Woodstock & Stonington

How We Will Grow Your Food:

At Devon Point Farm, all of our vegetables and flowers are naturally field grown using only OMRI® listed products and only when absolutely necessary. OMRI® is the “Organic Materials Review Institute” that manages the list of products that comply with USDA organic standards. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We fertilize with organically-rich compost made from manure from our grassfed cows. We are not “certified organic” simply because we personally don’t agree with how the Federal Government has hijacked the use of the word “organic.” In case you didn’t know, it has become a bureaucratic mess for a small farm to be able to use the word “organic” for marketing purposes and its an unneccessary expense that we just can’t justify.

What You Agree To Do For Us:

As a Farm Share Member, you must fully understand and be comfortable with the fact that farming is an imperfect science: there will be crop failures due to weather challenges, pest invasions, and bouts with disease. You must anticipate that you will receive a variety of crops, but you may not get every crop that is on our list due to crop failures or low yields. Not all the crops we plant will mature into harvestable share-worthy crops. Those crops will become compost.

Members must respect that our farm is also our home. Members may visit during share pickup days and hours only. We welcome visitors by appointment, or when we are open for special events which are advertised as being open to the public.

You must pick up your Farm Share on your designated pickup day, on time, or send someone else to pick up your share for you. All farm shares not picked up on your share pickup day become the property of Devon Point Farm to do with as we see fit. There are no refunds or repeats for missed shares.

Shareholders may pick up their shares individually or coordinate with another shareholder to pick up and deliver their share. Shareholders that are unable to pick up their share may send a friend, family member, or neighbor to pick up their share for them (We suggest you pay that friend in vegetables for their help!) We have a strict policy of not letting anyone switch days, with no exceptions. Why? Because an enormous amount of effort goes into growing and harvesting exactly what we need for each pickup day. Everything is planned in advance, then harvested, washed, bundled or bagged, and specifically counted for the number of shareholders we have on each designated share day. We often have to adjust the share contents while in the field once we see the quantity and quality of what we are able to harvest. For example, if we dig up a crop of potatoes, only to find that they are too bug-damaged to share, we will go after another crop in the field. Our job becomes almost impossible if we have a moving target of how much we need to harvest on any given day.

Determining What Share Size Is Right For You:

The share size that is right for you and your family is a very individual decision.  It entirely depends on how many vegetables you consume in any given week. You could use the dollar value as your guide, or you could follow the theory that a ‘half’ share would be more appropriate for a couple with moderate vegetable consumption, or a single vegetarian, while a ‘full’ share would be more appropriate for a family with moderate vegetable consumption, or a vegetarian couple. Keep in mind, that your share contents will be determined by what is maturing in the field, and that if you are a vegetarian, you will likely want to supplement your farm share with other non-seasonal vegetables to round out your eating experience.

What Will I Get For My Money?

Each week, from Mid-June to Mid-October, you’ll get a selection of healthy, in-season produce. Early season shares are smaller and lighter than mid- to late-season shares. There are a limited amount of cool-season vegetables we can grow for the early season, and they are mostly “greens.” Many vegetables take most of the summer season to mature, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, summer squash, potatoes, among many others, and of course, winter squash and pie pumpkins. We continue to replant “greens” throughout the season, as well as replant some traditional Spring cool season crops again in the Fall.

We use grocery store ‘organic’ vegetable pricing as the yardstick to which our vegetable’s dollar values are measured when we calculate each week’s share value.

If for any reason we are unable to fulfill our obligation to grow your vegetables and produce your shares, we will refund you on a pro-rated basis for any unfulfilled share weeks. This does not include crop failures or natural disasters.

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"Dear Patty, I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed visiting the farm to pick up my share and meeting you today. The farm is beautiful, the produce looks great,  and I had broccoli rabe for the first time tonight (cooked as you suggested) and it was fabulous! My somewhat anti-veggie husband even enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to my weekly visit this summer and super excited to have an excuse now to try veggies I've always been afraid to buy in the past."

-- Deb Field, 2013 CSA Share Member


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