Open Tuesdays & Fridays 3-6:30 p.m.

• Grass Fed Beef
• All-Natural Heritage Breed Pork
  (Pigs by the whole or half) 
• All-Natural Chicken
•'Beyond Organic' Vegetables

• Raw Milk, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup

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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.
Hot, Fresh Apple Cider Donuts made daily! Raw Apple Cider, Apples and more!
Raw Apple Cider, Make Your Own Hard Apple Cider

Cinderella Pumpkins, Pie Pumpkins, Specialty Gourds

Slideshow of Devon Point Farm

Here is a slideshow of images from Devon Point Farm, throughout the year!

Sunrise at Devon Point Farm...A View of our Red Barn through the lavender chives...Live Herritage Pork Barn Cats Violette ans OatmealApprentice JackThe Pooh-Bear Tree... looking through the window!The Pooh-Bear Tree, a hollow oak with a room inside!Erick making the door in the Pooh Bear TreeSweet CiderPressing Raw Apple Cider on our Antique Boomer Boschert PressThe 1800's era Turning TableFall intern Emma making ciderpreparing to pressA full stackpressing 40 bushel of applesOlee and Elaina sending apples into the brusher washerFresh Sweet Raw Ciderfall intern Emma testing fenceInspecting our appleswaiting for the veggiesintern Olee and Elaina gleaning the Autumn fieldsFin the Farm Dog with a rotten onionLanna the Bee LadyHoney!Intern Paris learning about bee'sFacial and Mud Bath anyoneour farm is home to many thingsErick mows the fields2016 Farm CrewFarm Camp Kids meet the pigsA peaceful morning at Devon Point FarmIntern Olee learning Stoneworkin 10 weeks we will make the best chicken you ever hadLate March2015 Crew Harvesting...Intern Natalia mowing2015 CrewApprentice Suzie and Jack with Farmer ErickIt can dirty at Devon PointInterns Megan,Natalia and HopeApprentice Amy gets maint. training2015 Summer CrewApprentice Susie getting some loveApprentice Susie on cow pie detailCider so good you need a wine glassOur antique tree's produceApple ornamentsNo chemicals sprayed on theseLate Summer's mornA little privacy would be niceApprentice Suzie with an award winning bouquetApprentice Suzie takes off her wedding veilHay not you it's what I'm eating,HAY!When the days grow short we work lateCarrots anyone?It's gonna be great!!!Interns Molly, Yukka and Jack on a farm tourApprentice Suzie,with interns Yukka and Molly butchering ChickensSome kids walk dogs, ours walk calvesAn icy winter morning at sunriseWalking in the door at Devon Point FarmIntern Liz waters seedlingsOur antique equipment, still in daily use!I need an insurance policy on my husbandApprentice Hope learns how to drive the tractorAn autumn view of the fieldsErick tills the beds to ready for crops in SpringColorful eggs from our heritage breed chickensIt's closing timeOur 2014 crew diligently weeds!Beautiful CSA shares at Devon Point FarmHarvesting flowers...Ahh, can't you just smell this pork roast?This pig cools off on a hot summer day!Apprentices Amy & Hope rinse field dirt from veggiesFarm camp kids get to interact with baby farm animals.Lexi & Julia walk their calf.Fall Intern KhadisiaWho needs a mechanic?We get it done and laugh while doing it!Our fully restored mini cider pressAlways smiling,Apprentices Amy and HopeFetching the firewoodApprentices,Amy and hopeThe jeep that wouldn't quitStop it!Graham on fence patrolpotatoes that defy gravityIntern Natalia trying the bridal row cover dressDaddy's girls harvesting Tomatoes hand workroto tillingIntern Megans Tomato trellising handsmens work,post poundingSometimes the antiques work bestEquipment is great until it breaksRooster feathersFinishing a long hard dayi hate when he does thiseach fall we fill the barn with fresh shavingsTeamwork pays off One tough Chevy,12,000 pounds of hayGrass fed and Apples too!The boys are back in townConnecticut Cow BoyPatty Taylor with banty roosterGetting ready for spring plantingEarly spring fieldsOur Pulpit Rock Road driveway looking inThe stone pigpenWinter greens in an unheated hoophouse all winter long!Sunrise...Our Barn in the FallTeamworkFlower sharesDevons at sunsetrunning from the girlsfresh onePatty & Erick Taylor, Devon Point Farm ownersOur heritage pork Gloucester Old SpotsNew Winter Cattle BarnNew Winter Cattle Housing Barn2012Farm Dinner  2012 at Devon point2012 at Devon Point2012 at Devon Pointour porkfarm dinner 2012 at Devon PointFarm Dinner at Devon PointFarm Dinner at Devon PointThe setup for our Farm Dinner 2012The setup for our Farm Dinner 2012 in our Post & Beam barnFarm Dinner at Devon Point 2012Farm Dinner at Devon Point 2012Chef James MartinA full barn,2012Farm Dinner 2012what a team,2012so beautiful,farm dinner 2012farm dinner 2012Farm Dinner 2012,all platedfarm dinner at Devon PointFarm Dinner 2012 at Devon PointFarm Dinner at Devon Point 2012Farm girlSunrise at Devon Point FarmPatty & Erick Taylor, Owners of Devon Point FarmThe sign at the entrance to our farmsunrise on the farma hot air balloon hovers over the farm in autumnthe driveway into Devon Point Farma double rainbow at Devon Point Farm...the lower lettuce field...... our 1958 Farmall Cub...CSA field in summer...another view of the patch...'Gimpy' Goose & his family