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What we do… 'beyond organic'… isn't the easy way, or the low-cost way, but we think it's better for the animals, better for the planet, and results in better tasting and healthier products for our customers.

Open Tuesdays & Fridays 3-6:30 pm or by appointment!

Grassfed Beef & Vegetable CSA Farm Shares & Farm Camp in Woodstock, CT

Tuesdays & Fridays from 3 - 6:30 pm

for sales of our grass fed beef, and all-natural chicken, 
or to join our CSA Vegetable Farm Share program for this 2015 season!

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WINTER CSA Farm Shares!

From mid-October to mid-December… join today and start getting the best of our 'Endless Summer' Late Fall/Early Winter CSA Farm Shares… for weekly pickup at our Woodstock Farm or delivery to Stonington, CT.  
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Winter CSA Farm Shares in Woodstock, CT and Stonington, CT


Buy our premium, gourmet Grassfed Beef
right here in Connecticut!

100% Natural, No Hormones, No Antibiotics and NO GRAIN!

Scroll down or click on the grassed beef tab above for more information & pricing. We sell by the individual cut… try a steak, some burgers or a pound of ground beef… Want more? We sell Sampler Boxes, Quarter (1/4)  and Half (1/2) animals, butchered, wrapped and frozen at bulk discount pricing!

Your local source for unsprayed, chemical-free vegetables!
Still Accepting Members for Summer 2015 CSA
'Beyond Organic' Vegetable Farm Shares!

We are excited to offer you fresh, locally grown, non-GMO, nutritionally dense, 'beyond organic' vegetables from June - October, 2015! 
Join today to reserve your share for this Summer!

CSA Farm Shares in Connecticut - Community Supported Agriculture in CT Connecticut

Our CSA Farm Share Tables with naturally grown, chemical-free vegetable shares near Putnam CT 06281


Devon Point Farm in Woodstock, Connecticut offers 100% all naturally grown vegetables and flowers as part of a Community Supported Agriculture Program, also known as a CSA Farm Share. How does it work? Individuals & families buy a 'share' of the farm's harvest and come once each week to the farm, or to our delivery site to get their just-harvested vegetables, grown without chemicals. It's like having your own personal grower, or coming to your own private farmer's market!

What does naturally grown mean to us? We grow following our own "beyond organic" standards... our vegetables are grown without chemicals, and only when absolutely necessary we use only OMRI® listed products. OMRI® is the “Organic Materials Review Institute” that manages the list of products that comply with USDA organic standards. In Summer 2014 we used NOTHING at all except compost!

We offer two size CSA shares and two convenient pickup days at our farm (Tuesdays & Fridays), or a Thursday delivery to Stonington, CT.

Grown by farmers who really care not only about the quality and freshness of the food they produce, but who also take pride in your experience of belonging to a farm kept immaculately clean and organized with a breathtaking drive into the farm, and a beautiful and enchanting presentation of your food... vibrant colors, twinkling lights, classical music in a gorgeous barn... all meant to make Devon Point Farm's CSA Farm Share pickup experience the best part of your week.

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Grassfed Beef Now Available!
Want the best-tasting, healthiest beef available? Our gourmet grass fed and grass-finished beef, is 100% all-natural, with no hormones, no antibiotics and no grain! 

 You can buy by the individual cut (1 steak or a pound of ground beef), by the sampler box (a 35 lb. box with a mix of different cuts), or by a half beef, all right at our Farm in Woodstock, CT!  We are located in the Northeast Corner of Connecticut, about 45 minutes from Hartford or Providence.

Is a half beef too big for your freezer?  Would you rather buy a quarter cow? Interested in 'Cowpooling'?
We're starting a list of people who would like to take advantage of the discounted bulk pricing on our grass fed beef, but may not have enough freezer space… send us an email with your name if you are interested in splitting a half animal (so you'd end up with a quarter) and we'll pair you up with another person as the names come in! 

We can now SHIP boxes of our beef. Within 1 day UPS ground shipping rates start as low as $23 shipping for a 15 pound box of frozen beef!

Click here for details & pricing! Call or email us today to place an order or come by our farm during our open hours (see bottom of page for our hours).

Grass Fed Beef in Connecticut - Organic All Natural Beef For Sale

We all want meat that comes from animals that were raised humanely, lived in their natural habitats, fed only what nature intended… grass, never given antibiotics or hormones, and processed responsibly, but these kinds of meats can be expensive — especially for those who are feeding entire families. Fortunately, there are ways to make feeding your family natural & properly raised meats completely affordable… buy in bulk and buy a freezer!

When we talk about buying meat in bulk, we’re taking about purchasing a half animal or a sampler box. The meat still looks exactly like the meat you usually get — packaged separately according to the cut. The only difference is the amount of it that you’ll be getting at once, which will be a lot more than you’re used to (hence the need for a freezer — and you’ll be surprised how quickly it pays for itself)! See my article on the benefits of buying a freezer! 

Not sure you can eat that much beef? Try “Cowpooling”… it’s when you ask some friends, family or neighbors if they are interested in eating great, healthy meat and saving money at the same time! 


All-Natural Chicken! 

• no hormones, no antibiotics, & no medicated feed, free roaming (not caged). They were butchered under USDA supervision and are now frozen (whole) in clear plastic bags in our commercial freezer here at the farm. Easy to cut into pieces or enjoy roasting them whole! On sale now for $6 per pound and our birds weight between 4 and 7 lbs. 
On Sale Now at our Farm!

All-Natural Pork!
No hormones,
no antibiotics!

Now Taking Orders
for Half and Whole Pigs!

Our heritage bred, all-natural pigs are grown on vegetable scraps, pumpkins, winter squash and supplemented with non-processed grain (cracked whole corn and soybeans). No hormones, no antibiotics, no restaurant scraps, and no leftover bakery products! 'All natural' to us means all natural feed! Butchered under USDA supervision. We take orders early in the year and custom-grow our pigs for our customers! Click here for more information or an order form!

All-Natural Pork in Connecticut, Farm-raised Pork

Beyond Organic Vegetables, All Natural Pork, Grass Fed Beef in Connecticut and nearby Massachusetts

American Milking Devon
Semen Straws For Sale 
& Calves For Sale

American Milking Devon Semen Straws For Sale: from our Herd Sire 'Stonewall,' $30 per straw, plus shipping.  Click here for semen sales.

Click here for our 
American Milking Devon Cattle For Sale.

American Milking Devon Bull Stonewall - Semen Straws Available
American Milking Devon Bull Stonewall

 Grassfed beef, pastured beef in Connecticut Rhode Island massachusetts for sale Grass Fed, Grass Finished

American Milking Devon Bull Stonewall Semen Straws For Sale

Farm Apprentice & Farm Internship 
Positions At Devon Point Farm!

Farm Apprentice and Farm Intern Positions for 2015 Summer Season!

Farm Apprentices get hands-on experience growing crops for our CSA Vegetable Farm Share Program


Now Accepting Applications For Our 2015 Season!

Devon Point Farm is committed not only to growing healthy (chemical-free, 'beyond organic') food and feeding our local community, but to educating the new farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs, nutritionists and agricultural policy makers of tomorrow.

Our in-depth apprentice program immerses individuals with a serious interest in sustainable food production, with more than theoretical knowledge… our approach is a practical, hands-on education that takes them from the soil and roots of a farming operation to the business fundamentals they need to know to make their own farming business a financially viable success.

Click here to read more & see our full program description... 

 About Devon Point Farm...Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grass fed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares 

Devon Point Farm in Connecticut specializes in Grassfed Beef, Vegetable & Flower CSA Farm Shares, and Farm Camp. The farm specializes in sustainable food production through holistic management techniques and serves as a training and proving grounds for new farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and future policy makers with it's apprentice program. 

Erick and Patty Taylor are the owners of one of America’s most quintessential farms, Devon Point Farm. The Taylors bring a unique combination of skills to farming that have resulted in the construction of 3 different farms, as the demand for their farm products grew. Starting with a small farm in Rhode Island first, then growing to a larger farm in Vermont, and then returning "home' to Connecticut to their current and best farm yet. 

The Taylors are the vanguard of a new breed of Pioneers. They are highly educated folks, with great business minds, visionaries yes, risk takers, achievers, innovators, educators and great examples of America’s best.

They come to farming not by inheritance, nor trust fund, but through constant struggle fueled by a desire to lead a more natural lifestyle working for a greater purpose with a goal to raise and educate their children within nature’s living classroom. These folks have achieved something which is almost unimaginable in todays society, they’ve built a thriving enterprise from the dirt up in just a few short years and have a following that spans the globe.

The Taylor’s are what America so badly needs, creators, doers, independent thinkers, educators who run a business that is a true benefit to all. The business they run keeps hundreds of families fed, it keeps the air and watershed clean through sustainable farming methods, it serves as a living classroom for students. Their property is a mecca for wildlife and serves as an incubator for fledgling entrepreneurs who want to test their mettle in one of the hardest jobs in America.

While America is home to many farms, the Taylor’s model is one that is built on solid business fundamentals catering to a highly educated, demanding consumer.  The farm is highly diversified in its offerings from vegetables to beef, chicken and pork, to farm camp, to events. The way the farm is sited on the land, with its sweeping driveway and rolling pastoral fields that are overflowing with life, lends itself to the minds eye of the perfect image of a farm you want your food to come from… a place you want to visit. All of this is no accident. 

Patty describes her husband Erick as the ‘farmer-philosopher,’ someone who relishes helping others. He’s the visionary, the farm designer and heavy machinery operator. His talents include a special ability to see a property in the rough and see what has to be done to turn it into something that makes one utter “Wow!” He thinks of himself as a Land Shaper bent on creating beauty and functionality for the purpose of Sustainable Agriculture. If one could see any of the 3 farms he’s created you would see masterpieces of unparalled quality and beauty. Erick has a great deal of experience in construction, mixed with a background in real estate sales and topped off with an overdose of logic-based critical thinking. Visiting Devon Point and looking at the photo’s of the property when the Taylor’s bought it and then seeing it now will give you a taste of what this man can create. His farms are truly one-of-a-kind farms from vision to fully-functioning masterpieces. Erick builds long term investment quality farms that are self-sufficient and sustainable in every form. 

Erick describes Patty as the keystone that manages to hold all of the farm’s ventures together. Besides being a full-time mother of two, she’s the face of the business. Patty is a dynamic woman who is Erick’s best friend, wife and business partner. She is willing to work 7 days a week, finish the day with a smile and answer the continuous onslaught of customer inquires. She manages the entire front-end of the farms many businesses. She’s a woman who leads by example. She’s capable beyond what words can describe, she’s as comfortable doing quickbooks as she is running heavy equipment. Patty prides herself in being a traditional wife and homemaker while making no excuses for her femininity, she can and will do any work a man can do. 

The Taylors say it takes this sort of team to do what they do, it’s through this devotion and dependence on one another that the strongest relationships are forged. The Taylors say they are in the healthy lifestyle business, they treat the food they raise with a level of care and consideration that results in an eating experience that makes you feel great about what you are putting in your body. Devon Point Farm is everything a farm should be, a place where nature and man work in harmony with each other. From radishes to ribeyes, everything about this farm is crisp, clean and wholesome for the mind, body and spirit. Come get a dose of healthy country life style and see what Devon Point Farm can do for you.




About Devon Point Farm, BEFORE and AFTER
the arrival of the Taylor Family…

The 93 acres of land that is now Devon Point Farm, was formerly known as Joy Orchards, a successful apple orchard owned and operated by Bob Joy and his family for over 40 years. When Bob passed away in 1989 the property was left to his niece, a non-farmer, who subsequently ceased farming operations on the property and sold the development rights to the CT Department of Agriculture in 1992. Without a farmer, the land lay fallow and neglected for over 18 years, reverting back to a transitional forest… brush, saplings, vines and invasive species took over the fields, the apple trees were smothered and dead, and all that remained besides the overgrowth, was the trash dumped by people who partied at the end of a dirt driveway unseen from the nearest road. Bob had left behind the relics of his farming days as well… three tractor-trailer loads of rusted, rotting farm equipment and vehicles, and three 30-yard dumpsters of trash left behind in partially collapsing barn. The prime agricultural soils that were the primary reason for the preservation of the land were lost to the overgrowth.  

In 2007, Erick & Patty Taylor, bought the land from Bob Joy’s niece. A couple in their mid-30’s who had grown their herd of Devon Cattle as part-time farmers while working full-time, off-farm professional jobs, who had dream of making their living solely off a farm. The Taylor’s used every penny they had ever made from their career jobs, the sweat-equity profits from the sales of two prior small farms with houses and barns they had built and lived in (first in RI, then in VT) only to sell in hopes of buying a bigger piece of land each time. They took out a mortgage, cashed in their 401K’s, and sold personal possessions. They enlisted friends to camp in tents to help pound in fence posts and string barbed wire, so they could unload a tractor-trailer full of their Devon Cattle into the newly fenced overgrowth while they took the time needed to turn it back into fields. They set to work with chainsaws, a small tractor and a used bulldozer to clear the overgrowth to find the good soil beneath. They wore through pair after pair of work gloves to load trash into dumpsters. Erick dragged a plow and harrow to break and smooth the soils while Patty wore her feet to blisters hand-seeding almost 50 acres of fields back into pastures with a baby in a backpack. By their own financial resources, sweat, ingenuity and sheer determination, they took a wasteland, wreck of a property and turned it back into a farm.  

One could say that the Department of Agriculture saved the land, but one could also say that while it prevented the farmland from being developed into house lots, the farm ceased to exist thereafter. It is only through the tireless efforts of the Taylor’s that this 93-acre property is truly a bountiful working farm again.


CSA Vegetable Farm Shares in Northeastern Connecticut

Devon Cattle grassfed beef at Devon Point Farm in Connecticut

Sustainable farm in Connecticut for sale


Devon Point Farm Featured in EDIBLE NUTMEG MAGAZINE!

Best Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grass fed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares Best Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grass fed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grassfed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares Community Supported Agriculture CSA Northeastern Connecticut 

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Devon Point Farm Featured in Foodies Of New England Magazine!!
Grassfed Beef in CT - Connecticut Grassfed Beef Farm - CSA Vegetable Farm Shares CSA Vegetable Farm Shares in Northeastern Connecticut Farm Camp Summer Camp Educational Program Northeastern Connecticut Best CSA Farm Shares in Connecticut CT Farm for Sale in Northeastern Connecticut: 93 Pulpit Rock Road, Woodstock, CT
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Devon Point Farm is a 93-acre, family-run farm located in Woodstock, Connecticut, and is owned by Erick & Patty Taylor. Specializing in rare, heritage and endangered American Milking Devon Cattle, Devon Point Farm raises cattle for grassfed beef, and has a naturally-grown vegetable & flower CSA farm share program. In the Fall, the farm features a pumpkin patch and hayrides.

Gourmet Grassfed Beef - Devon Point Farm's grass fed beef is 100% natural, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, and humanely raised and processed. Cattle are pastured only (not confined in a freestall barn), and eat only what nature intended... grass, hay, clean water, fresh air and sunshine. Our grass fed beef is processed in a USDA certified facility, plastic wrapped, labeled with the cut, and frozen.

Vegetable & Flower CSA Shares - At Devon Point Farm, all of our vegetables and flowers are naturally field grown using only OMRI® listed products and only when absolutely necessary. OMRI® is the "Organic Materials Review Institute" that manages the list of products that comply with USDA organic standards. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We fertilize with organically-rich compost made from manure from our grassfed cows. Our CSA Shares provide members with 18 weeks of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and gorgeous flowers. Shares are available for weekly on-farm pickup in Woodstock, CT on Tuesdays or Fridays, or Thursday deliveries to Stonington, CT and New London, CT.

All-Natural Chicken & Pork - Devon Point Farm raises all-natural chicken and pork, with no chemicals, no hormones, no antibiotics. 

American Milking Devon Cattle
- Devon Point Farm has one of America's largest and finest herds of the rare, heritage, endangered breeds of cattle originally known as 'North Devon' cattle, now known in America as 'American Milking Devon' cattle. Our heifers are sought after for breedstock and our bull calves as herd sires. It was a great honor in 2008, that our calves were selected to become the first herd of American Milking Devons to be brought across the border to reside in Canada. Our herd is a closed, disease-free herd, having undergone rigorous veterinary testing for the international border crossing as well as for sales to various discerning customers throughout the years. Our breedstock available for sale is limited, please call today for availability or to get on our waiting list.

Pumpkin Patch - Open mid-September until the end of October... we have hundreds, if not thousands of pumpkins and specialty gourds to choose from. All in a beautiful rural farm setting. Bring your camera and your friends for a fantastic Fall weekend outing!

We now take credit cards! VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, PAYPAL and more!!

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