Our Breeding Philosophy...

Devon Point Farm is now breeding for A2 Genetics!


In 2016, we acquired a new herd sire, with A2A2 genetics. In 2017 calved our first A2 crop of calves. We are now on our third A2 herd sire, and a good deal of diversified A2 genetics in our herd.

Our Breeding Philosophy 

At Devon Point Farm we are focused on breeding an old-world Devon that meets a standard of excellence designed for multi-purpose cattle that thrive on grass. (See Breed Standard Images & Descriptions below). The standard sets criteria for the body type of cattle that can provide a generous amount of wholesome high-quality milk and the finest flavored heavily marbled beef — both on a diet of grass and grass alone.   

We breed our cattle as a closed herd to minimize disease and to control irregularities. We aim to produce a consistently-framed animal that is highly fertile (prepotent), is well-suited to a strict grass diet and harsh climate. Our cattle are sold as foundation stock for seed herds. We do utilize Devon beef and milk for our own personal consumption, and sell naturally raised steers as grassfed, grass-finished beef with no hormones and no antibiotics. Our goal is to breed the best multi-purpose Devon cattle possible and to help re-establish this breed to its rightful position as a premiere breed in the marketplace.

Cow Breed Standard


This is the historical breed standard for a Devon Cow.

Bull Breed Standard


This is the historical breed standard for a Devon Bull.